- Team Pact

March 2020 ...

We were not prepared for the upheavals we have been facing ever since. In our organizations, we have had to be inventive overnight, reorganize ourselves, respect the rules of distancing, limit our exchanges that have become more and more virtual, while at the same time facing an anguishing uncertainty whose intensity was previously unknown to us.
The lack of visibility has forced our companies to live in the present and the ephemeral. It inhibits their ability to project themselves in the future. This situation exhausts the energy and the intelligence of our teams and pushes them to give up.

Time passes and our organizations suffer but they resist. Sometimes as best as they can, but they are resisting. This crisis has even been an opportunity to explore certain subjects that were less of a priority in the “world before”, such as teleworking and the digital economy.

What if this unprecedented situation was an opportunity to "move on"? A new opportunity to build a future project based on «thinking and acting together" without false promises?

Team-Pact proposes to PROVOKE YOUR FUTURE by making your company a land of adventure and challenges, which gives meaning and restores confidence, two ingredients for training teams to take their destiny in hand and write their own story.