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A success story :

But who’s manning the cockpit?

A fast-growing company in the airport sector is showing telltale signs of psychosocial risk and the HR department is receiving a growing number of complaints involving employee hardship.
Diagnostics show a sharp drop in Purpose despite employees’ genuine attachment to their company and mission. It seems that confidence has been lost and that there is nothing to hold on to anymore, despite healthy financial results. We swiftly discover that the company's rapid evolution and a dearth of communication by a convoluted management that is unable act as a team, creating an anxiety-producing feeling of emptiness: "Who’s in the pilot’s seat?”


A transformation agenda based on fostering company culture

Guided by our consultants and our method, the company implements a transformation agenda by bringing about a new culture aiming at trust and cooperation through a shared mission that fosters supporting factors for the emergence of excellence and improvement of Quality of Life at Work (QLW).
First, employees fill out an online social barometer drafted by our consultants and tailored to company specificities. The barometer looks at points of tension or concern, giving every employee a chance to freely voice their thoughts (anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed) and provide their own account of what’s not working.
Once the results are in, several world cafés gather collaborators together in order to put a finger on root causes and brainstorm avenues of change.
Working groups are organized around SHO (Strategy, People, Organization)-oriented projects and produce ways forward designed to yield tangible results.
Management teams simultaneously provide support to reestablish a bond of solidarity and restore damaged confidence. They understand that teams can only be brought on board if an explicit ambition is shared and if every employee can square their mission with that of coworkers along a clear strategic axis. Exemplarity is identified as a key source of trust within the hierarchy

Working groups are organized...

Two years later, a new “barometer” evaluation is carried out, with promising results:
   * Employees' confidence in the company’s future has improved
   * Significant improvement in top-down and interdepartmental communication
   * Better leveraging of direct management
   * Task management incentivizing autonomy and initiative
   * Abated PSR factors and low absenteeism.
A clear-cut set of actions is now administered within the department, with the ongoing goal of pinpointing the causes of residual tensions to implement best-fit solutions. Working groups set about tasks with increasing self-initiative and take on new topics (workload balance).
A terrific piece of news was recently reported, "A feedback group shows that customers have noticed these improvements, causing an uptick in satisfaction! Our team can now set its sights on even more ambitious horizons (digitization, better departmental agility, and so on)" said the general manager during the agenda’s follow-up seminar.
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