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A success story :

Getting back to well-being and great performances at work

A company specialized in safety control systems for nuclear power plants whose products and associated services abide by ultra-stringent international standards calls on Team-Pact because they want to nip a drop-off in performance in the bud.
A diagnosis is quickly reached: despite previously implemented improvement measures, results are not coming along as hoped because the teams’ commitment is lagging and quality of life problems are cropping up at work.

Transformation towards acting together

First, we partnered up with the executive committee to build a team of leaders united by trust and aligned by purpose.
We then integrated, in outwardly expanding concentric circles, local management, and then all 500 employees to create an "Acting Together"-themed transformation.
Work on Purpose made it possible to re-instill employees with the pride of a job well done by putting safety-oriented customer partnerships front and center. The company’s process-oriented improvement plan, designed to yield gains in efficiency and competitiveness, has been redefined through Working Together towards Excellence, with new consideration given to human factors and the power of collaboration.
The courses of action identified during a "world café" were formalized in workshops presented to all staff during a "marketplace" open to all and in which everyone could take part.
A team of ambassadors led by an employee imbued these successful initiatives with on-the-ground trust and confidence.

The results of this transformation

The HRD confides, "We’ve been accompanied by the Team-Pact team from the start of this transformation agenda, which has proven essential for our company. Team-Pact have shown themselves to be full-fledged partners in our corporate venture. Their mode of intervention has allowed us to define and deploy our project using our own methodology, highly operational with a few recurring traits: sharing of a common Purpose, emphasis on people and team mobilization.
Team-Pact’s professionalism and commitment and the omnipresent human value guiding their actions have enabled us to make significant progress in boosting our performance and enhancing our corporate culture.”
"It's day 1 of a new company" said the manager as he left the "world café," moved by shows of commitment and meaningful words uttered by teams until quite recently beset by doubt.
The Team-Pact process of alignment around purpose and building trust at all company echelons has made company processes more agile. Improvement plan initiatives have in turn been rendered more seamless.
This transformation has also enabled the company to strengthen its image with customers. Technical and financial performance has fostered a virtuous circle of commitment and mobilization among employees.
If you’re looking to jumpstart an improvement plan that’s broken down,
Team-Pact is there for you!