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A successful example

Restoring operational performance by Acting Together

A company specialized in VIP aircraft cabin equipment, despite having been recognized for outstanding efficiency, is suffering from significant additional costs from delayed deliveries and modifications following customer complaints. Evaluations show that operational fluidity is limited by a “silo mentality” (R&D vs. operations, different trades, little supplier involvement, etc.)


Accompanied by our consultants, the company implements a transformation agenda based on the creation of a new culture aimed at agile cooperation as a factor of excellence. Teams first review what the mission means to them and outline a “customer-oriented” vision. "Project mode" is identified as a core competency and essential success factor, buttressed by the "One Team" value. A world café involving 100% of the collaborators (some 300 people) makes it possible to pursue avenues of change. Specialists once defensive of skill specificities trustfully put their heads together on more agile solutions, departing from familiar frames of reference; they work on improving anticipation and set up a largely self-managing and responsible cooperation scheme. In a symbolic move, the directors share an office in the middle of the assembly hangar. A set of generic projects simulating client requests and client-specific integration projects are set up with operations reinforced in self-managing teams. A broad-based company approach is then enacted, causing suppliers to follow suit

The results

"Customers are smiling again and 100% of new aircraft are delivered on time.... "In under six months, progress is unmistakable; everything’s become much more fluid. Internal design components are neatly set out next to the plane before assembly. No more repeat assemblies and disassemblies caused by parts supplied late. Spinoff initiatives emerge: partnership-based innovation with suppliers, development of a machine to accelerate the implementation of internal solutions, self-managed initiatives to "amaze the customer", the entrance of new leaders capable of leading projects in a more "horizontal" mode.
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