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A success story

Acting together for a shared purpose

The creation of this public body required merging several autonomous entities with different backgrounds and spread over a vast multi-regional territory. Such characteristics call for support in the construction process, particularly with staff who, having left behind their previous functions in one of the branches, are now specifically attached to the new body. The feeling of belonging to a stable, enduring federal unit needs to be strengthened and the vision of the project’s overall framework and legal basis must be disseminated. The newly created management team must find cohesion and position itself intermediary to employees and elected officials.

Transformation towards a shared Purpose

An evaluation of the organization’s perception by employees is drawn up using Team-Pact's dedicated tool. Our consultants build a trust-fueled feeling of togetherness among the management team by giving it the means to develop its agility (i.e. Acting Together). During the two days that are dedicated to this, they strengthen the trust factors and establish the managers’ Agile Profiles(R). A certified coach then debriefs the managers individually on the results. Preparation work for the transformation is carried out by a management team, which is at present consolidated and "exemplary". A process based on the sharing of Purpose is launched. It will involve surveying and fostering commitment among local managers, followed by a planned day of earnest exchanges and the alignment of directors, managers and employees with regard to the organization’s Purpose, Vision and Values

Amazing results

“The degree of dialog and co-construction we’ve reached with Team-Pact was absolutely outstanding; relations between us are easy and productive; our weekly meetings are now incredibly productive". “The support we have received from Team-Pact has put us in the position to confidently address the major issues the external environment confronts us with”.
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